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About KDOC

How it works for you, and your GP
K Doc is a GP Co Operative, which is established by local GPs, primarily to assist in providing urgent out of hours GP cover in the Community, for individuals who are patients of K Doc Members. Here we outline how K Doc operates, in order to ensure you may obtain best use of the service.

K Doc is not 

For seeking referral for specialist opinions, blood test, x-rays or scans. This is best done by your GP who can provide safe follow up care.

For the renewal of prescriptions. Your Pharmacist is licensed to give you a 5 day emergency supply if required.

GP Co Operatives
GP Co Operatives are established throughout Ireland to assist GPs and Patients providing safe and effective out of hours care in the community. K Doc is one of the earliest Co Operatives, established in 2001, and is typical of other GP Co Operatives, both in Ireland and in other countries where this model exists.

Features of GP Co Operatives include the provision of care by local GPs as opposed to transient / temporary medical staff. GP Co Operatives are owned and operated by local GPs, who are especially familiar with local needs and local services. K Doc operates on the basis of GPs who are on call for each other, and who are responsible to each other at a professional and personal level.  As K Doc members, they agree to be responsive to The Medical Committee, which is elected from the GP Membership, and which appoints a Chairman, a Medical Director, and employs a Service Manager to arrange the day to day running of the Co Operative.

GP Co Operatives are supported by the HSE, which recognises the Co Operative model as best practice in this area of care. In practical terms, the HSE provides funding towards the cost of infrastructural support, which is reviewed annually, and enables the Co Operative to employ Nursing, Administrative staff and a team of Drivers. K Doc operates as a limited liability Company, and is a not for profit business. It receives monies from the HSE under a regularly reviewed Service Level Agreement, similar to those entered into by other Co Operatives, and indeed many other agencies and companies throughout Ireland.


K Doc Activities
The main purpose of K Doc is to support local GPs to provide out of hours cover to individuals who are patients of Doctors who are K Doc Members. K Doc frequently represents local GPs where it is helpful to do so, including at Naas General Hospital, the HSE, The Irish Association of GP Co Operatives, Postgraduate GP Training Schemes, The ICGP and the IMO where necessary. K Doc considers and sometimes implements service development, where GP Members believe there are local unmet needs. K Doc works with the Kildare Faculty of the ICGP, in the provision of educational, training and research activities for local GPs, who are required to engage in such activities as part of maintaining their registration with The Irish Medical Council. K Doc facilitates communications with the broader Community, where it is useful to do so.

This includes engaging with elected representatives and members of the public where appropriate, and where it can contribute to resolving any difficulties which are evident. K Doc engages closely with patients who use the service and are treated by local GPs, electing to carry out their on call duties through the Co Operative. As part of this, K Doc carries out Patient Satisfaction Surveys, to inform the Co Operative. It responds to queries, feedback and complaints from patients who have been treated by local GPs on duty at the Co Operative. It also responds to feedback from local GPs on problems or difficulties encountered in the provision of care, and on suggestions for further service development.

 Out of hours service

KDOC is a GP Co-Operative, established by local GPs, primarily to assist in providing urgent out of hours GP cover to their patients.



KDOC Locations

Our Locations

  • Vista Primary Care, Naas
  • Celbridge Health Centre
  • Athy Health Centre



Participating Surgeries

Participating Surgeries

If you are not sure you can check our list of participating GP surgeries to see if your doctor is a member of KDOC.



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