List of Fees

Consultation Fees


GP Phone Consultation €65
Basic Attendance Consultation Fee (Member Patient) €80
Basic Attendance Consultation Fee (Patient of a Non-Member) €100
Home/Nursing Home Member Patient €100
Home Visit non-Member Patient €110
Employer Billing €90
Additional Services


Nebulisation €20
Suturing (Simple) €35
Suturing (Complex) €55
Tetanus €20
ECG €20
Consultation Fees for second and subsequent paying family member
Treatment Centre Member Patient €40
Home Visit Member Patient €45
Treatment Centre non-Member Patient €50
Home Visit non-Member Patient €55
Repeat Patients
Seen by and paid own GP/KDOC within 3 days for same illness Full charge,
can apply for a partial refund

Medical Card Holders

  •  You must produce your own personal in-date valid medical card, which is registered to a KDOC GP member at each consultation.
  • You will be asked to sign an ‘STC form’ to confirm you were seen by the KDOC GP.
  • If you are unable to produce a valid medical card a fee will apply.
  •  Any Medical Card patient who pays and subsequently produces a valid medical card current at the time of the consultation will be reimbursed by contacting KDOC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child is under 8 and has a GP card?

If the patient is under 8 years of age please bring a valid Under 8’s GP Card which is registered to a KDOC GP member at each consultation. If you are unable to produce a valid Under 8’s GP card a fee will apply.

Can I use KDOC as my regular GP Service?

No, KDOC is not a regular GP Service. A core part of a GP Service is that you are attending your own GP who knows you well, and who has a complete knowledge of you, and a medical record of all of your medical information. KDOC includes over 120 Members, and if you attempt to use it as a routine GP Service, you will not have the benefit of attending a Doctor who knows you well, and in detail. In attempting to use KDOC as a GP service, you are putting yourself, and the Doctors at KDOC, at a serious and hazardous disadvantage It is strongly advised to attend your own GP where at all possible to do so, and to reserve your use of KDOC only for urgent problems which require immediate and urgent attention, and which cannot await your own GP.

Is KDOC the same as the Emergency Department (A/E)?

There are similarities between KDOC at the Emergency Department at your local Hospital, but they are not the same. While KDOC is well positioned to handle all acute medical, surgical, paediatric, psychiatric and obstetrical problems presenting during out of hours, it is not a Hospital Department. Doctors at KDOC are well placed to treat many but not all such emergencies. In particular, KDOC has no access to X rays, has no direct access to laboratory support in the out of hours service, and does not have the same level of funding or staffing as local Emergency Departments. Even though the service has developed significantly since established in 2001, it remains a GP Out of hours service as opposed to a hospital based service.

If I am unhappy at the care provided by a GP on call at KDOC, what can I do about this?

It is inevitable that this will occasionally happen, and it is important that you can communicate your concerns, and that your concerns are considered and addressed. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care during your consultation, please advise the attending GP or Nurse that this is the case. If this fails to resolve the issue, or an issue only becomes apparent after your consultation, please advise your own GP, on whose behalf your care is provided. Your own GP may be able to address your issue, as they will have had a detailed communication by secure email or by fax on your care within one working day of your consultation. If this does not adequately address your concern, you can communicate directly with KDOC. Matters relating to medical issues should be posted in writing to the Medical Director at KDOC, Vista Primary Care Campus, Ballymore, Road, Naas, Co. Kildare.

If there is a concern regarding the medical care provided, while KDoc is not responsible for the care provided by individual Doctors, it does support a procedure to assist in addressing such concerns. The Doctor concerned is advised, is requested to provide their observations, and where necessary, the matter may be considered by the  KDOC Medical Committee. In most cases, this process is effective in terms of feedback, and in identifying and addressing problems. Rarely, it is not possible to resolve an issue, and in such instances, the matter can be taken up directly with the Doctor concerned, and ultimately, if necessary, the matter can be addressed by The Irish Medical Council, should the patient believe this to be necessary.

Matters relating to billing or any other non-medical issues should be emailed to the Accounts Department at:

Is KDOC part of the HSE?

No, KDOC is the trading name of Kildare and West Wicklow Doctors on Call Ltd. A limited liability Company, which is operated exclusively by local GPs, and primarily to assist and support them in the provision of urgent out of hours care. KDOC co-operates closely with the local HSE Office, but it is not part of the HSE.

Is KDOC a free service?

No, KDOC is not a free service. For patients who are eligible under the medical card scheme they must present a valid medical card. All other patients are required to pay for services provided. 

We request pre-payment of consultation fees prior to being seen by the Doctor. 

If I am visiting the area can I still use the service?

Yes. It is important to us that any individual in the area experiencing an acute medical problem is assisted and cared for. 

What are the advantages of using K Doc services?
  • Over 130 local GPs are on Duty at KDOC; adequate rostering with back up when necessary
  • Most consultations are delivered promptly, efficiently, and on a competitive fee schedule
  • Comprehensive cover of Out of Hours (6 pm to 8.00 am weekdays, and 24/7 at weekends and public holidays)
  • Minor Injuries Service
  • Robust Communications, IT and Administrative Support
  • Close co ordination with your own GP’s Surgery, if they are KDOC Members
  • Commitment to Medical Education and Research
  • Well developed systems for Patient Feedback and Complaints
  • Well appointed Treatment Centres in Naas, Celbrdige & Athy

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